About Us

Derma Dime

Derma Dime sells premium high-quality Derma Rollers and Vitamin C Serums with the mission to help you feel better about your skin. Our skin is the largest human organ and needs to be properly cared for which is why we provide easy how-to guides, evidence and sizing diagrams to make sure you get Derma Rolling right the first time. We know how it feels to lack confidence in your skin and want to help you feel better about yourself! There are so many creams, masks, washes and serums on the market that claim to do it all but never seem to work well, Derma Rolling is different and has evidence to prove it. The serums we sell work so well because Derma Rolling creates small microscopic openings in your skin that allows the applied antioxidant Vitamin C serum to penetrate your skin deeper to give you beautiful youthful skin.

Ensure not to keep this secret to your self, share with friends and family so they can benefit from the results of Derma Rolling.

Should you have any questions, concerns or need any help with your Derma Roller, please feel free to email our professional customer service team via the contact us form on our website. We look forward to being there with you on your journey to healthier looking skin.