Reduces Imperfections

Acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, stretch marks or imperfections? Derma Rolling stimulates wound healing and promotes new collagen deposition that results in healthier beautiful skin.

Stimulates Collagen

Stimulates the wound healing cascade and promotes new collagen deposition resulting in healthier looking skin and reduction of facial imperfections.

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Increases Product Absorption

Creates microchannels to the epidermis allowing for up to a 40% increase of skin care product absorption and therefore performance. Combine with our Vitamin C Serum for unbelievable results.


Derma Roller Acne Scars - Derma Dime
Derma Roller Wrinkles - Derma DIme
Derma Roller Fine Lines - Derma Dime
Derma Roller Stretch Marks - Derma Dime

Results from others

Acne Scars Before Derma Roller - Derma Dime
Acne Scars After Derma Roller - Derma Dime
Wrinkles Before Derma Roller - Derma Dime
Wrinkles After Derma Roller - Derma Dime


"I had acne in my teen years that cleared with heavy medications but left moderate scarring on my face. I noticed after the first few weeks of using the derma roller with vitamin c my scarring started to reduce. Overall happy so far as nothing else was working for me"


"My skin looks so much younger. I had been going to a beauty clinic who were charging $150 for a single derma rolling session when I found you can buy microneedles online!!!! Saved me lots!!!! No difference between the home use roller and the beauty clinics"


"This product works extremely well. I had deep set red stretch marks on my thighs. I used the roller on them every day after I got out of the shower and then put cocoa butter on afterwards. My stretch marks have faded to a barely noticeable white colour"


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